MoboLink Global Limited is one of its kind telecommunications company. Founded and branched out in 2015 from a telecommunications company with over 20 years of experience in wholesale and retail telecommunications, MoboLink has seen the evolution of the whole industry and knows where the industry is heading.

Today, MoboLink has been earmarked as the fastest growing and Telco player in the world. Our head office is situated in Hong Kong. Thousands of customers in Asia and North America have saved thousands of long distance dollars while some have actually made a decent income just being part of the MoboLink family.

VOIP is known to be the way of the future. Voice communication is evolving and transcending. This offers an opportunity to bring about significant changes in the way people communicate and in the way this business is conducted. MoboLink is offering savings, quality, convenience, and even income through a wealthy portfolio of products and services.